Furniture Production Company
ul. Kwiatowa 11
Żurawiec, 82-325 Markusy
tel. 055 231 76 10
tel. 055 231 76 11
fax. 055 231 76 12
Company specializing in the production of kitchen furniture has come to life in September 1989. It has developed year by year, improved, widened its services and offers and modernized the equipment only to become a significant producer of kitchen furniture on the Polish market at the turn of XX and XXI century.

By introducing rich patterning and huge color palette we intentionally let our customers create their own compositions, matching the individual character of every kitchen. We allow to join different techniques within one set, even in one cupboard. We leave the choice of accessories, such as panes, handles, desktops and other details having influence on the final effect (and the assessment) to our customers.

Computer Programme CAD Kitchens, including our data base, is destined to be useful not only to designers but also to individual customers who can see their future kitchen from desired perspective in 3D system (three dimensional visualization).

In our Gallery we introduce the range of patterns and different possibilities of the arrangement. These are of course only examples, for we are not able to show all the combinations that can be formed on a basis of our products. Different technologies, different patterning and huge palette of colors.